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Trust is one of the key ingredients to a successful love relationship. Why is trust so important? Without trust in yourself and your partner, you can never be truly certain that your relationship is authentic. You have to be able to have the deepest level of confidence in your partner; their feelings for you, and in the two of you having a connection that is real and true. It’s only when you have trust in your relationship that you have the following ten attributes in your love relationship.

Reliability: Having trust on the deepest level of your relationship with your partner means that you know they are the one person in this world that has your back. That person you can rely on and that will always be there for you.

Honesty: Trust in your relationship means that you can believe your partner and know that what they’re telling you is honest and true. They have no hidden agenda or dubious intentions. That’s a great feeling when you never need to doubt your partner.

Fidelity: A true bond of trust brings with it the knowledge that your partner will be faithful and loyal to you. Not only in matters of relationships, but in all ways. They will have your best interest as a priority and will always be thinking of how their actions and their decisions will affect you and your relationship. They’ll consider you as important as themselves.

Freedom: Having trust in your relationship brings freedom. You trust each other completely, so therefore you both have the freedom to say or do what you feel and know that your partner is right there with you supporting you and rooting for you.  Your partner wants you to be the best you that you can be and you want the same for them. That’s a very freeing feeling.

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Sexual fulfillment: Having trust is essential to having long term sexual fulfillment in your relationship. You can trust your partner enough to express all of your sexual needs and desires without fear. You can risk being completely vulnerable to your partner and they to you. This can be extremely erotic and exciting.

Authenticity: Having the bond of trust I’m describing allows you to be completely yourself with your partner. To be authentic and to lay yourself emotionally bare without fear. To be able to talk about anything and share the deepest parts of yourself with your partner is a great gift. When you have trust like that you have a partnership that can withstand any challenge you might encounter in life.

Confidence: Knowing that you have a trustworthy partner allows you to live your life confidently. People who have that support system in their relationship have the confidence to step out and take risks, to challenge themselves in life. They’re confident in the knowledge that they have someone who has their back and if they should fail?  They know their partner is there to help them pick up the pieces.

Patience: When you have a deep bond of trust in your relationship you are patient with each other. You know that nobody’s perfect and that we are all flawed. We make mistakes and sometimes we make poor choices. You can trust your partner to stick with you and to be patient with you in the areas you are learning and growing through. Having that support is invaluable when you’re struggling through personal growth challenges.

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Forgiveness heals

Forgiveness: Trust brings forgiveness. When you trust each other, you understand that a fight or disagreement isn’t the be all and end all of your relationship. You work through your challenges and you forgive each other and move forward. You can say what you mean and give each other the sometimes ugly truth of things, knowing that your partner is only going to view it as a bump in the road and not the end of your relationship.

Longevity:  Couples who have a deep bond of trust between them are more likely to have a lasting love. All of the attributes mentioned above allow you to look to the future; to plan and grow together. To build a lasting relationship that’s filled with love and happiness.

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