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Hi and welcome to episode 123 of The Couples Expert Podcast. We’re happy you’re here. Stuart is talking about a bit of a sensitive subject today and that is interracial marriage, or as he likes to call it, simply: marriage. No matter your racial background, the challenges are same for all couples trying to have a close and connected relationship.  The struggles in your relationship if you’re an interracial couple more often than not come from outside stressors which sadly can also sometimes include your very own family members. Listen in as Stuart discusses some of the great challenges and joys of being an interracial couple.

Stuart’s new challenge starts this week as he trains for running a half marathon. He’s sharing his plans and training program for the half marathon with another group of runners. He’s hoping to run the Rock N Roll Marathon in January 2018. 13 miles is a long way to run and he’s hoping to be able to accomplish this and begs your prayers and support!

What Stuart will discuss on today’s podcast:

  • Interracial Marriage became legal at [3:45]
  • Love sees no color at [6:51]
  • Root causes of pain in interracial relationships at [7:40]
  • Children are colorblind at [10:00]
  • When family and friends are resistant at [14:29]
  • How your family can overcome racial bias at [19:35]


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