//How to Define Trust in a Relationship

Hello and welcome to episode 122 of The Couples Expert Podcast!  We’re so happy you’ve joined us to learn more about love and relationships with Stuart Fensterheim, The Couples Expert. This week Stuart will be discussing issues surrounding trust in your relationship.

Stuart shares about a podcast convention, Podcast Movement which is coming up in August. Stuart talks about what motivates him to do this podcast each week.

This quote is apt for our subject today. Chris Butler said, “Trust is earned when actions meet words.

You can talk about how much you love someone, how much you care , but words are only part of the equation. It’s what happens when the rubber meets the road that matters. When you need your partner to be there for support, to hold you at the end of a tough day, to stand by you when you’re struggling, and to be that one person you know that you know you can always count on. When your partner shows up and does what they promise, when they walk the talk… That’s trust.

What you’ll learn on today’s podcast:

  • When you don’t have trust at [6:00]
  • How trust is built at [7:34]
  • How do you keep that bond of trust? At [10:08]
  • Continually renewing trust in your relationship at [12:22]
  • Trust is more than fidelity at [13:55]
  • When you choose the wrong partner at [15:00]
  • What love and security gives you at [16:14]


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Thank you so much for listening to our Podcast today. We hope it’s been interesting and informative for you. Until next time, be trustworthy, stay in touch, and stay connected!

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