//Why Childhood Attachments Are Important to Having A Healthy Marriage

Hello and welcome to episode 119 of The Couples Expert podcast. Thank you so much for joining our audience and listening to another important discussion from Stuart Fensterheim, The Couples Expert. Our podcast today is about how the attachments you have in childhood can affect your adult relationships. This may not be something that you’ve thought a lot about and you may even be surprised at how much sense this makes to you. Listen as Stuart explains the correlation between the way your family relationships were with the caregivers in your childhood and the way you relate to your partner.

This podcast is being released on the day that Stuart’s nephew by marriage will get married. Family issues often are brought out during these types of family events. It’s always interesting to see how traditional family roles are played out when the family gets together and how it will affect the event. This relates to our podcast today since we’re talking about how a child is raised and how their attachments were met(or not met) have a huge influence on the person they grow up to be.

What you’ll learn in today’s podcast:

  • Everything is modifiable in the real world (you are never stuck) at [4:20]
  • How do we connect?  at [15:30]
  • Understanding attachment science at [16:04]
  • Secure attachment experiences change your life at [23:00]
  • How to help you to feel secure at [25:17]

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