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Welcome to Episode 114 of The Couples Expert Podcast. Join Stuart as he discusses the unique relationships between “copreneurs.” These are couples that are in love and in business together. Many of them are the power couples that seem to have it all going for them. They have to balance work, home and their romantic relationships in order to to be successful. Take a listen as Stuart gives some insight on what skills and habits copreneur couples need to have for them to be healthy and happy in all aspects of their life and work.

Stuart visited his father in Hollywood, FL recently. They had a great visit on their brief vacation together and went to a sporting event. They reminisced about trips they took when Stuart was a child when they would go to the Yankee games and do father/son activities. The time they spent together with Stuart’s dad was so special. Stuart’s dad is 90 years old, so it’s a thrill for them to be able to spend time together. Stuart gives us a reminder about connecting with the important people, especially elderly parents before it’s too late.

“It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.”  Harry S. Truman

When you’re building a life and a company together you cannot be in competition with your partner. You both have to have a shared vision and purpose in order to succeed.

What you’ll learn from today’s podcast :

  • The definition of “copreneur” at 5:26
  • Attributes of successful power couples at 8:08
  • Why you need a shared vision and plan for life and business at 9:16
  • Tips and advice for successful copreneurs at 10:30
  • How being in business together frees you 14:54
  • What if it doesn’t work? 16:38


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