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This is a wonderful time of year. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. New life is evident everywhere. Spring is a significant time of year for people of faith as it is the celebration of the Jewish Passover, and for Pagans and Christians, the Vernal Equinox and Easter are observed. My wife and I celebrate both holidays in our Catholic and Jewish faiths. Hence, our theme for this week is an Interfaith Passover/Easter, I want look at the question: What can Passover/Easter teach us about relationships?

Everything in life is about our relationships. Our connections to our partners and our children; our extended and chosen family; those that we love. If you have a religious life, or a spiritual path, you have a relationship with your higher power.  You look to the teachings and the tenants of your faith to guide you in life.

Love and Protection and the Importance of Remembrance

The Passover holiday rituals emphasize the idea of coming together, to share the songs, prayers and food that signify and commemorate the journey and the historical events of the Jewish faith as it’s been observed for thousands of years. The retelling of these events can teach us where we come from, how God’s love was demonstrated in the lives of our ancestors and how that love can still be practiced in our lives today.  The Passover story is about how God protected his chosen people and saved the firstborn of Israel. We want to show that same protection in our relationships with our partners. We want our children to look to us for protection and know that we’ll keep them safe. We want our spouses to help keep us safe and we guard the relationship and provide security to each other. Your home should be the place where you both feel safe, secure, important, and valued. The home you make together, the space you share is where you make your memories and build your lives together. Passover gives us traditions and a habit of remembering important events and telling them through the generations. This provides a thread for each new generation to live out their faith. As a couple you want to celebrate your relationship and keep making memories so that you, too can have more reasons to celebrate your love for each other and keep the memories alive for years to come.

The importance of Passover is also as a reminder that life can be harsh, as in the 5 bitter herbs at the Passover Seder. The lesson for your relationship here is about being faithful and true, and pulling closer during the rough times. Don’t let your problems be bigger than your love or your faith in each other. If you realize that what you have with your partner is so special and strong that nothing can pull you apart, you are practicing this lesson from Passover that love is stronger than anything.

New Life, Victory and the Power of Good

The Easter season is all about renewal and resurrection, The New Testament resurrection story is about the victory of good over evil, and the death and resurrection of Christ. He was 3 days in the tomb after he was crucified, and was resurrected, brought back to life by the power of God. The lesson for your relationship in story begins with love and life. The love you have with your partner needs to begin with renewal every day. When you wake up in the morning, you look at your partner and think to yourself. What an amazing thing it is that I have this person as my love and I am sharing my life with them. Welcome each new chance; every day is an opportunity to draw closer, be more vulnerable, the first day of the rest of your life. If you’ve struggled with your partner, had arguments or are triggered over something that’s frustrated you, don’t give up.

See that your partner is really there for you, and work to repair those hurt feelings and renew your love and commitment to each other daily.

Be good to each other. That was the message of Christ. Love one another. What better lesson can we take from this than to apply it to our relationship with our partner? Be kind, be good; treat each other with love. It can’t be simpler or more profound than that. If you’re going to look at Christ’s message to us on Easter, and celebrate his victory over death, than you can take this lesson from his life. You can have a victorious relationship and be an example of winning at being a couple. You can be stronger than your struggles and filled with love.

Read about Easter here: http://www.christianbiblereference.org/story_Easter.htm

Whether you celebrate as I do or not, you can still take the lessons from these historical accounts and apply them to your relationship with your partner and family.

You can learn about the Passover Feast here : http://www.chabad.org/holidays/passover/pesach_cdo/aid/1749/jewish/What-Is-Maror.htm

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