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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those ethnic holidays that America has totally embraced. As they say,”Every one is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! ” People find all kinds of diverse ways to celebrate this most American of holidays! Being The Couples Expert, I am always thinking of ways to make it about couples and relationships. So this St. Patrick’s Day blog post is about a fun St. Patrick’s Day with your partner.

As we know, it doesn’t matter what activities you’re doing with your partner, it’s the intention that matters. If you’re focusing and making it about your relationship and the connection between the two of you, any day can be a fun and romantic day. St. Patrick’s Day just gives you some more fun options on ways to spend the time together.The truth is,  making a secure relationship is about finding the time and making the two of you the most important. Relationships that are secure are secure because both people feel that the fun in their lives is created by the two of them. When you laugh, have a good sense of humor and know that the most fun you have is created by the two of you. That’s when a secure relationship exists and both of you know that you are important. That loving feeling stays with you forever. Let St. Patrick’s Day be that kind of day.

St.Patrick’s Day can be a fun adult holiday so you and your partner can invite another couple to spend it with you or even throw a house party. Pick up some fun accessories, dress like a leprechaun, get some green food coloring, and make your appetizers, drinks and desserts to fit the color scheme. Make some corned beef and cabbage and do a theme dinner. If you’re really enterprising, you can do some research and create a St. Patrick’s Day game of Irish trivia to play after dinner.  Have an Irish jig dance off! Most people don’t know how to dance a jig, so you and your partner as the hosts can teach them, then have a contest as to who can jig longest!  This can be hilarious!

Another fun game is to tape a name on your guest’s back when they come in. Everyone at the party can see who it is, but they have to ask 5 questions of the group to try to figure out who it is. This can be famous Irish figures to fit the theme of the party.

The Irish are great storytellers, with a multitude of funny stories, limericks and an extremely colorful and rich culture and history.  You and your partner can tell each other stories, and tell the story of how you met and fell in love with each other to your party.

Learn some Gaelic and surprise your partner by speaking words of love or singing an Irish song in the native language. Irish music is melodic and beautiful. You and your partner can spend the evening drinking Irish coffees and listening to some Celtic melodies. This can lead to some intimacy and romance between you so be sure you don’t drink too much!

If St. Patrick’s Day has historically been just a day for your partner to go hang out with their friends, you can change it up for this year. Make it about the two of you. Makes some plans in advance to spend that time together for a change. Get a babysitter and get out to the pub together, go eat dinner or go to a movie. Do something that’s fun for the both of you, and not just about an excuse to drink green beer. You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this most American of holidays. Just focus on having fun, no stress, no demands, just being together and enjoying yourselves and each other.

It doesn’t matter if you go out or stay in on St. Patrick’s Day. What does matter is that you make some effort to make whatever you decide to do together about connecting with your partner. This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday so that gives some of you more flexibility to make evening plans. Consult your local entertainment guide and find some activities that look interesting to you both. Go out, be together and be Irish for one day. Have a fun and romantic St. Patrick’s Day!

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