//Prescription Drug Addiction and Your Relationship

Welcome to the show! This is episode 10 of the Couples Expert Podcast. Today Stuart talks about a subject that impacts many families and relationships; prescription drug addiction. It’s not a pleasant issue, but one that Stuart feels very strongly about. He has helped many couples overcome and repair the damage to their relationships caused by addiction.  Please listen as Stuart discusses this problem and some solutions.

 “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
– Robert Collier

This quote applies to recovery, repairing your relationship (making amends in the 12 step program) , and getting through your day without using drugs. You have to do it as they say, “One day at a time” , but sometimes you have to do it one hour , one minute, and one moment at a time If you can get through this moment and the next , you will eventually have hours, days, weeks and months of success.

In today’s Podcast you’ll learn:

  • It’s never too late to start over [5:45]
  • Addiction to prescription is not different from any other addiction [7:08]
  • How addiction begins [8:44]
  • Behavior of an addict [12:15]
  • Treatment is available [15:30]
  • Partners need to stay involved [19:16]
  • Chronic Pain Sufferers are at risk [21:23]

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If you’re in chronic pain, please consider some alternative methods in managing your pain. Consult your physician and try some holistic approaches. Use the medication that your doctor prescribes as directed and be aware that you can easily become addicted. Don’t over medicate yourself. You’re in charge of your own health, please be careful with addictive medications. Follow up with your medical provider regularly.

This is a difficult issue, but the love between a couple can beat any addiction out there if you stay close and work together.

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