//Have A Fun and Romantic St. Patrick’s Day

Welcome to the Couples Experts Podcast Episode 102, our Happy St. Patrick’s Day episode. We’re not always talking about weighty and somber issues. This week we’re going to have some fun and celebrate a uniquely American Irish holiday.

I love this St. Patty’s Day quote that says “A Best Friend is like a 4 leaf clover~ Hard to find and lucky to have” Unknown. How wonderful when your partner is your best friend. You are indeed lucky. You need to cultivate that friendship. There’s more to love than chemistry or physical attraction. Making a long-term relationship work requires your commitment to being a best friend to your partner every day.

What you’ll get from today’s podcast:

  • Is your partner your best friend?  at [3:00]
  • Why you should celebrate together at [7:30]
  • Can St.Patrick’s Day add some fun to your love life? at [10:30]
  • Some St. Patrick’s day trivia  at [12:38]
  • Commit to connecting with loved ones [17:50]

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We thank you so much for listening to the podcast today. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Please come back and listen to another episode of The Couples Experts again soon.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day and stay connected!

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