Gay Marriage – Love is Love

//Gay Marriage – Love is Love

Welcome to Episode 96 of the Couples Expert Podcast. We’re so happy to bring you another episode of the show with some relationship insight we feel you can’t really get anywhere but here. Stuart’s education and experience as a couples expert makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the difficult issues facing couples in their relationships. Our theme this week is LGBTQ issues and this podcast is on the topic of same sex marriage and relationships. We hope you’ll listen today as Stuart discusses relationship issues and a little bit of history of the evolution of same sex relationships and acceptance of them in our society.

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Today’s show is “Love is Love”. One of the things that Stuart has found in his work as a couples expert is that same sex couples struggle with many of the same relationship challenges as straight couples do. There are also some unique problems and issues that gay marriages face that don’t affect their straight counterparts. Can gay couples find true love? Can they have happy marriages? Stuart answers these questions and more today on the podcast.

Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender.
—Hendrik Hertzberg

We love who we love. There’s attraction, there’s chemistry and there’s all those things that draw you to an individual. Sometimes it’s a surprise when you find that the person you’ve fallen for is the same gender as you. For some it’s understood that they’ve always and only been attracted to the same gender. For others, gender has no bearing on it. Society likes to label these people as LGBTQ and so on. Beyond all the labels you’re really just in love. It’s a person not a gender, not a label. Love is love.

What you’ll learn today:

  • Some  history of gay couples at [7:20]
  • A shift towards love and monogamy at [10:30]
  • Issues common to straight and gay couples at [12:00]
  • Issues unique to same sex couples at [13:30], [16:57]
  • Is homosexuality a choice? At [14:35]
  • Being in the closet at [17:30] ,[18:13]
  • What is at risk if you come out at [19:39]

While same sex couples and their straight allies in the US have been successful in gaining equality for gay marriage and other protections, same sex couples are often still at risk for discrimination. As regular citizens, we must always be aware that a threat to the rights of one group is a threat to us all.  Thank you very much for listening today.

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