Relationship Advice: 2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

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It’s that time again. The New Year stretches out before us, an untraveled road. For some of us there are many paths that we can see, and some of us only see the path we’re on. Many of us have a tradition on looking ahead to the next year and making decisions that we hope will change our lives for the best. 2017 New Year’s resolutions for couples can range from general ideas such as, ”I want my partner to spend more time with me.” to “I wish my partner would _____(fill in the blank). Resolution- setting time is the last week of 2016. Once we hit January 1, it’s time to get to work making our resolutions into real life changes. If one of your resolutions this year is to have a closer, more loving relationship with your spouse, or even just to, “Be happier.” It’s time to sit down and make your list of resolutions. These goals are attainable. One of them could be listening to the Couples Expert Podcast every week!  Here is some advice on setting goals and having New Year’s resolutions that you can make into realities for you in 2017.

Be specific and be direct – You need to have that clear visual in your mind, play it over and over in your head. Truly “see” what it is you want in life and fill in all the details.  Instead of a general,

” I want my partner to feel loved.” Make it more specific. How can you make your partner feel loved? You can spend focused energy on them. You can take them out to coffee three times a week and leave a note every day in their purse or wallet. You can text them on your lunch hour or call and connect on the phone. You can make a point to say something each evening that you admire and love about them. Try that. Once per day, tell your partner why they make your life better. Why they’re so important to you. If you did that for a week it would change your relationship for the better. If you did it for a year, it could transform your lives.

Our spouses and partners are the most important people in the world to us. Make a resolution to make your marriage better by doing 3 or 4 specific things such as what I just mentioned.

Stick to your guns. I hear so many people talking about how they fail at keeping New Year’s resolutions then feel horrible about themselves for giving up on their dreams. I’m here to tell you, it’s far better to make smaller and achievable goals than to make grandiose goals that are too far out of sight. If you make the right resolutions, and make realistic goals, you don’t need to be disappointed. The smallest actions, when done repeatedly can have a profound impact on your life and relationship. You can attain these goals and feel proud of yourselves for making it together. If you make your partner the most important person in your life, and let them know how important they are to you, things are going to change and you are going to be happier together. Both of you will benefit in a big way by these actions. It’s all about first being vulnerable, being authentic and real and taking away any pretense, tearing down your walls. It’s hard to do for so many of us, but absolutely crucial to the success of your 2017 resolutions.

Set your goals and make your resolutions together. Each of you makes a list and then swap. Compare and discuss your lists together then make a third list. These are your relationship resolutions. Incorporate what you each want individually into your common goals. Make a commitment to work together to achieve your desired results and then the fun part. Make regular dates to check in and measure how well you’re doing. Make your “business meetings” the most fun and romantic dates you could ever imagine. I mean, really go all out. Get a nice room at a hotel. Take vacation days and weekend getaways at least 4 times a year. Spend that time focusing on one another and talk about all the ways your relationship is growing through all of these changes you’ve resolved to make.

It is going to mean adjustment and growth, and sometimes that can be challenging personally and in the context of your relationship. When you meet up, remember why you’re doing this, and refresh your commitment to meeting your goals. Celebrate the ones that you’ve met, and look forward to the next obstacle to be overcome. By then you’re going to be amazed at the growth and the changes in your relationship.

You have to start somewhere and it might as well be with this New Year. You can truly make your relationship the best it’s ever been starting today, tomorrow or January 1, 2017.  Plan together and stick together through it all, and in the end, you’ll be looking back on the best year your relationship has ever been through. The outside circumstances can challenge and stress you, but if you know that your relationship is more important than anything else in your life. Your partner makes your life better every single day. You’ll be able to weather any storm and get through the coming year and come out stronger and happier than ever beginning today!

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