A Word of Grief from One Small Corner Of The World

//A Word of Grief from One Small Corner Of The World

A World of Grief from One Small Corner of the World



The biggest mass shooting in modern history which occurred early this morning at a night club in Orlando, Florida, has left 50 dead, 53 injured, hundreds grieving, thousands in tears, and millions in a state of utter horror. This terrifying scene of senseless violence began while revelers were taking their last sips after a night of music and dancing. It came in the form of one armed man. It ended in bloodshed, tears, fear, and trauma that for some will never end.

But through the confusion and pain, past the hype of political media, and beyond the evil darkness of the video footage of the event, a light clearly shines through, a light of empathy and of an outrage born of love for one’s fellow man. Witnesses did not speak of the shooter, they spoke of the people they saw suffering. They talked of themselves only in passing, focusing rather on stories of those around them who were injured or killed. This demonstration of connection between people is all the more poignant in the face of such massive tragedy. And it is this very connection that will save the ones left behind, the ones who are grieving.

        There Is No Need to Grieve Alone

“The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can endure, but to lose someone to violence is beyond comprehension, thankfully, for most of us. This type of loss carries with it intense feelings of betrayal, unbearable emotions of helplessness, and a powerful rage beyond the agony of missing. It is only through the love of others around them that a mother, or a partner, or a friend can hope to overcome the loss and move to a place where only the good memories of the departed can be held dear. It is only through connection that one can find the strength needed to be able to push through to a clarity where a picture of the one who is gone invokes a smile. The only way for the grieving to ever be able to trust in the good of humanity again is to look into the eyes of all the humans who care. And there are millions who do, deeply.


We want to let everyone know that our mission of connection is about eradicating this brand of horror from our planet forever. It is only through love and a feeling of connection that we can truly change the world so that this kind of experience isn’t anything any family is forced to endure ever again. We pray for peace for the loved ones of all those who were injured or died. We wish them tranquility.

On behalf of all the team at The Couples Expert,

Stuart Fensterheim LCSW


In a few days time, the press will have moved on to whatever catastrophe happens next, but the hearts and minds of so many will remember and will never forget. With eyes closed and hands clasped, people around the world will be praying for strength for the grieving and honoring the dead with their own grief, no matter how distant in time and space. With love, there is no such thing as a lonely victim. In the end, we are all one.


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