Listen to Pooh and Love Your Partner with Your Heart

//Listen to Pooh and Love Your Partner with Your Heart

Welcome to the 63rd episode of The Couples Expert Podcast: Listen to Pooh and Love Your Partner with Your Heart

There is endless advice out there about how to manage sexuality with our partners: how often we should have sex, how to make sexual experiences more fulfilling, how we should behave in and out of the bedroom, and what we should be doing about sex as we get older. Sex has been an industry since those three little letters were first put together, and the media has found no end to the fodder for reaping its financial rewards. It sucks us in because sex is so fundamental to our human natures. We’re drawn to its promise of pleasure, its mystique, its promise of a happier life, and we all want that don’t we? It can all become very confusing!

Sometimes, unfortunately, the solution a lot of people are getting from Ted talks and things, is what you need is to start with eroticism and come at each other, and that’s how you’re going to create a more juicy, vibrant relationship.

What it fundamentally comes down to is finding intimacy not through our parts, but through our hearts. Join Stuart and Jim as they discuss the nature of intimacy, the true meaning of eroticism, and what it means to be passionate. Join them as they discuss the ultimate importance of opening up outside the bedroom and the culminating magic that closeness in a relationship can bring to the special place behind the closed bedroom door. Join them as they talk about the changes we all go through physically and emotionally as life moves forward, when the kids move out, and when we find ourselves with the opportunity to move into a higher plane of intimacy with our partners.

…I think the deepest eroticism that’s available for couples and the deepest passion that’s available for couples is the heartfelt expression of the importance of this emotional bond I have with you…

As with every other aspect of a partnership, the key to maintaining a healthy, close sexual relationship is to remain genuine, open, present, and particularly to communicate. A relationship where each partner feels safe is one in which they take turns, one in which they embrace every change that happens in their partner, and one in which each loves every aspect of the other. Emotional and physical, spiritual and sexual are all intertwined, and the closeness that can be gained by honoring each of those facets of our partners can promise a long and incredibly fulfilling journey.

You know, you see 80-, 90-year-old couples that are fortunate to still have each other, walking down the street holding their hands and people ask, “How did they do it?” They do it by being authentic and vulnerable, and talking about the things that really matter to them.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • That actual intercourse is just a small aspect of sexuality;
  • How to prepare for the eventual empty nest to ensure a close and intimate relationship with your partner;
  • That kissing and just gazing into each other’s eyes can be more intimate than intercourse;
  • About the dangers of pornography;
  • And about how important it is to share, play, talk and open up to your partner to feel the most amazing feeling there is – knowing that you matter.


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