Having a Resilient Relationship Using Mindfulness

//Having a Resilient Relationship Using Mindfulness

Welcome to the 49th episode of The Couples Expert Podcast: Having a Resilient Relationship Using Mindfulness. This episode is particularly special because it involves two couples therapists who willingly share an intimate and revealing conversation not only about what mindfulness is and how it can help everyone to have a better relationship with their partner, but about how it plays into their own lives.

As the cobbler, who is usually the one to walk around with holes in his toes, so Ariel Schulz Bradley had to learn to “mend her own shoes”. This process helped her to become a stronger, more mindful couples therapist and partner. Join Stuart Fensterheim LCSW and Ariel Schulz Bradley LCSW in this episode to learn how mindfulness can play a huge part in helping us to connect and become more attuned in our own relationships, from the wisdom of one who has been there.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About the incongruent feelings that can arise from being a therapist and being human
  • That a relationship not continuing doesn’t mean you have failed at a relationship
  • How the most astonishingly small gesture can be the biggest show of love
  • About the overlap between mindfulness and EFT, and how they just make sense

Ariel Schulz Bradely, LCSW
The Couples Expert

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