Stepping Into Love With Recovery an Interview with Michelle Farris LMFT

//Stepping Into Love With Recovery an Interview with Michelle Farris LMFT

With my podcast I hope to reach a wide audience. With your help sharing the podcasts on helping love and connection will truly help us change the nature of relationships in the world. The more you share on social media the couples can feel the love and feel secure in the world. I want to change our world to be a place focused on love and feeling important to one another.Relationships and intimacy is about creating connections. How to create a framework for couples creating intimate connections by making every day count as a way to connect emotionally and physically. Michelle Farris LMFT lives that principal in her life both personally and professionally. I share her with you today.


EPISODE 26- Stepping into Love with Michelle Farris MFT

This podcaast discusses the impact of alcohol abuse on the family. Michelle Farris MFT  discusses the impact of alcohol on the couple.

  • Recovery is best with a combination of counseling and 12 step programs. There are many kinds of 12 steps programs some of these are explained by michelle including one specificually for couples.
  • We talked about three kinds of recovery. The recovery of the abusing spouse, the recovery of the spouse and the recovery of the couple with the complications related to deception and breakdown of trust.
  • Recovery is defined as the partner who has the substance abuse problem having a sponsor and working a program which must include couples counseling to attempt to have the partners reconnect in healthy ways.
  • Michelle talked about sometimes needing sober living environments to help facilitate the recovery of the home.


  • The recovery is always facilitated by couples counseling and this needs to be dealt with directly by keeping the connection of the couple as the most important thing.

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