Relationship survival : Maintaining a connection with infertility

//Relationship survival : Maintaining a connection with infertility

Relationship survival : How to maintaining a connection in spite of infertility difficulties. An interview with Dr Agnes Wainman. Episode 24 

In this podcast you will discover:

  • What is the impact of overwhelmed worman on relationships .
  •  Overwhelmed worried women are the clients that she likes to work with and finds a lot of success helping but her focus now has been more on working with women and couples with infertility as an issue.
  •  Infertility is an area that she recognized has gender difference in how it impacted the individual
  •  Women feels a lot of shame……when can’t have child ….Partners are baffled how to help and there is a great deal of misunderstanding


  • A mans attempt at reassurance doesn’t often crate a closeness and does not help their partners feel better
  •  Pressure of men and women to procreate doesn’t create a normalcy with their relationship. How to do this is the questions. in spite of unsual circumstances


Some Tips you will learn:
1.Remember you  are a team with the goal of having baby.

2.Understanding each other’s impact of the infertility  is crucially important

3.It is very importantto keep the physical intimacy as a sharing experience and we don’t want  to lose the sexual intimacy!

4. Playfulness needs to stay in the relationship while   keeping your  love life alive focusing on the communication and connection with one another.

5. Keep reminding yourself why you fell in love with your partner  why you got together. That always needs to be   be the most important place to connect in your relationship.

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