The Anxious Spouse- A Journey of Connecting Episode 22

//The Anxious Spouse- A Journey of Connecting Episode 22

EPISODE 22- The Anxious Spouse- A Journey of Connecting Episode 22 An Interview With Robyn D’Angelo

Robyn D’Angelo from Laguna Hills Counseling in Laguna Hills California teaches our community the way to have a loving caring relations when one spouse may be struggling with an anxiety disorder. With opennenss and vulnerability she shares both her personal and professional expertise on creating intimate connections

In this Podcast you will discover:

  • Relationships and intimacy are about creating connections.
  • How to create a connected relationship when one of the spouses has an anxiety disorder is the real dilemma.

young couple

Some of the changes that can occur for the relationship with a couple is as a result of

  • Opening up on what the experience of an anxiety disorder feels like
  • What are the needs from a partner that will help you feel supported and loved
  • How to look at the partners anxiety disorder as a strong message to use your support system.

Robyn also helped us identify our own super powers as a means of being vulnerable with our partner

She helped us see the importance of sharing how painful the anxiety disorder is and helping the two partners share their experiences with the anxiety disorder.

Talked about sometime the partners anticipatory anxiety of their partners anxiety becomes part of the problem

Tips to help couples having a vulnerable dialogue about what each of you needs from each other.

How To Love Your Anxious Partner Video

This Video is by Robyn D’Angelo MFT

Global Summit on Couples Conflict coming August 9


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