Give Your Marriage A Midlife Makeover An Interview With Diann Wingert LCSW

//Give Your Marriage A Midlife Makeover An Interview With Diann Wingert LCSW

EPISODE 20- Give Your Marriage a Midlife Makeover An Interview With Diann Wingert LCSW

In this Podcast you will discover:

Diana Wingert LCSW talks about some of the changes that occur for relationships during the midlife time of your life. With all the changes that are occurring both biologically, physically and psychologically this can be a trying time for couples. What is important that couples communicate and let each other become aware of some of the emotional issues that may keep us all from feeling close and connected .

 Midlife Relationship Issues:

  • Impact of menopause on relationships
  • Surprising that the women usually are the ones who initiated divorce in midlife
  • Women at this point begin to speak up about their unhappiness in marriages



1. Awareness of how to deal with the empty nest and how to cope with all of the unmet needs

2. This is a time to reinvest into the relationship to become more of a couple and more emotionally available to one another.

3. Vulnerability of midlife due to all of the physical and psychological changes

4. Gender differences with regards to the romantic area of a relationship and how to cope with it.


5. How age and the losses in our life impacts our acceptance or lack of acceptance of the lack of connections in our  reltionships

6. Diann talks about the concept of reinvent your relationships at this time of your life.

Diann Wingert LCSWDiann Wingert
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