Parent Couple Relationships :A Reflections Of Ourselves

//Parent Couple Relationships :A Reflections Of Ourselves

EPISODE 19- Parenting Couples Relationship Are A Reflection Of Ourselves an interview with Rebecca Wong LCSW

In this Podcast you will discover:

Rebecca Wong talk about intimacy and parenting couples developing close and connected relationships using laughter and play.

Rebecca is a psychotherapist and connectfulness coach in private practice in the Hudson Valley of New York where she resides with her husband, two children She believes that all of our relationships are reflections of ourselves that allow us constant opportunities to evolve into the very people we know we want to become.

We discussed the following things:

1. We discussed the importance of connection in a relationship and ways to feel closer to your partner


2. Coping with difficult parent child relationships and how to connect with your child in a loving way


3. How to deal with step families and making all the relationships in the home be important


Share physical and emotional intimacy with your husband or wife

4. Rebecca Wong also talked about her blog on developing the intimacy of parenting couples




5. Small moments are what we need to pay attention to and have these times develop into having a closer connected relationship

IMG_0400Rebecca Wong

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