How To Know If You Need Relationship Counseling | 001

//How To Know If You Need Relationship Counseling | 001



Stuart Fensterheim, Scottsdale, AZ Couples Therapist


This is the first podcast of my series on helping couples to build close connected relationships. I decided to start my podcast because I feel I have a lot to offer to my audience based on my 25 plus years of experience as a relationship counselor . Using the medium of podcasting I hope to reach a wider audience. I want to share with my audience those ways that couples can create the loving relationships they have always desired. What better way to start that out by talking about receiving help. Not all couples need couples counseling, yet as a couples counselor I know sometimes this is necessary. In my podcast I introduce myself and identify those situations in which it would be beneficial to seek out professional help.

In this podcast you will discover:

Some of the reason couples seek out help for their relationship. Some issues that could come up in a relationship that would suggest a need for couples counseling. Some of these reasons are

    • Life Transitions – Different developmental phases may create problems in a relationship
    • Premarital Sessions – I believe premarital counseling is essential for couples to start off their marriage effectively. Particularly if there has been a previous marriage or there are children from a previous relationship. I believe every couple could benefit from counseling and do believe it should be a requirement for a marriage license.
    • Illness or disability – Any illness or disability can take a toll on a couple. If anyone in the family has an illness or disability the couple should seek out some help if it is effecting the relationship.
    • Mental Health Illness – This goes without saying that there are bound to be relationship issues when there are any mental health illness

Mental Health Illness can put a strain on your relationship with you loved ones

    • Past Resentments – Affairs, past hurts, and the internet all are issues that couples sometimes hold onto because of the relationship injuries that it has created. This needs to be looked at. Trust issues are huge issues in a relationship. Any past unresolved relationship injury can impact a couple and it would be wise to receive help for this.
    • Parenting Issues – Disagreements around parenting can impact a relationship and the closeness that a couple may feel toward one another.
    • Financial Infidelity – This is an area most couples don’t think about and the importance to address this issue. It is not an easy one and likely will require some professional help.

Seek an expert couples counselor if financial infidelity is stressing your relationship

    • Addiction – Addiction issues in the family likely will require a therapist to help a family deal with all the issues involved.

Addiction Therapy can help bring your Scottsdale family closer

    • Sexuality – Sexual Issues in the relationship are often difficult to resolve without help. It typically is related to problems of closeness, affection and needs someone with some particular skills in helping couples communicate about these issues.
    • Unresolved Anger – When there is any unresolved anger this can cause a lack of closeness in the relationship . This requires careful and deliberate ways to bridge the distance it creates. Counseling can bring a couple back to feeling connected one another again.

Unresolved Anger can tear your relationship apart. Counseling with Stuart Fensterheim in Scottsdale, AZ can help.

    • Loss and Grief – Loss and grief that have been part of the relationship can impact a couples closeness and may require some help talking about this.

Grief and Loss Counseling at The Couples Expert Scottsdale in AZ

  • Feeling Alone – Nothing can be harder than feeling alone in an intimate relationship.. This likely this and will require a therapist who can bridge this gap. Being with someone you care about and feeling like strangers can be very overwhelming.

Marriage Therapy can help bridge the gaps that make you feel alone in your relationship


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