The Couples Counseling Podcast Introduction

I am excited to share that my podcast should be going live on iTunes in December.The reason I decided to be a counselor was to help couples and families develop loving caring relationships. Now that we have a clear method to accomplish this, it is vital for me to get the word out on how to  develop loving relationships. Through my website, blogging and now through my podcast I am very excited to share all that we know about relationships. I will be  taking a realistic perspective on developing and establishing loving relationships. I want to be able to share this message in all possible mediums and hope my podcast will increase the likelihood of this happening. Through my practice, blogging and podcast I hope to offer to couples, individuals, and families tools to help them to develop close and enriching relationships in their lives.

 The Couples Counseling Podcast Schedule

Here is the schedule for the first five podcasts:

  1. How to tell if you need couples counseling
  2. Five steps to creating loving relationships
  3. Interfaith marriage and the holidays
  4. Should you and your partner give each other end of the year performance relationship review?
  5. Emotionally Focused Therapy- What is it?  What is the benefit to couples who participate with a therapist who is trained in EFT.