Your Dog Can Help Couples communication In Your Relationship

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Dogs enjoying relationship of owners after marriage counseling by Stuart Fensterheim

Bentley and Ollie Celebrate

Couples communication can be helped by having a dog . Relationships can be incredibly stressful and fill us with worry and anxiety. How we handle the stress of our relationship at times can be as much of a problem as the relationship issue itself. A dog can bring us so much joy and help us feel like life is good. The more positive we are about life this infectious positive feeling rubs off on those around us.
Being around animals is comforting and helps with feelings of isolation and depression. Interacting with a gentle, friendly pet increases the “feel good” hormones in our body that relieve physical pain and anxiety, having a calming effect improving the couples communication.  What’s more? The act of petting an animal produces an automatic relaxation response that can actually reduce the amount of medication a person needs to take. Animals help us become more empathetic, which can help us learn patience and increase our tolerance of others. People can be so judgmental, but animal companions let you be yourself.

Research has proven that loving our pets and loving our human partners may be more closely connected than we thought. The latest scientific findings confirm that after only 10 minutes of a friendly human-dog interaction, levels of that feel-good hormone, oxytocin, are increased in both the person and the animal. This correlates with other study results on oxytocin, showing that high levels in the body strengthen maternal bonds and other social attachments, along with an increased sense of calm. Thinking of your pet as your best friend or baby isn’t crazy, after all! 

Animals are so good for our mental and physical health, their goodness isn’t just reserved for family anymore. It helps the couples communication.

Dogs Can Improve the couple communication in your Relationship

So if you are fortunate to have an animal in your home let their presence help you stay centered and healthy. Taking the family dog for a brisk walk around the neighborhood may be the perfect cure for when things begin to get too tense and you and your partner are saying things that do not help the intimacy between you. Talking your dog for a brisk walk may help you calm down and decrease your anger and think clearer and recognize the good that is in your life with your spouse. .

Your four-legged walking buddy probably won’t even mind if you need to “talk it out.” Using your pet as a sounding board is often wiser than saying things you might later regret, if told to a human. No worries about the trustworthiness of your confidant, either! 

Our beloved animal friends can also be great providers of comic relief, often in short supply at those times. Since the beginning of time, humans and animals have shared a powerful bond, and including our pets in our lives reminds us of the vital roles that animals can play in every aspect of our lives. This animal-human connection is a proven source of well-being and relief for those suffering from physical and emotional pain.. Our pets can help us stay centered and feel loved through our lives.

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