The 2-Day Couples Intensive is designed for couples who require concentrated counseling in a short amount of time. You and your partner work with your therapist over the course of two days with the goal of solving seemingly insurmountable problems in order to get your relationship back on track.

Through in-depth counseling, bonding experiences , and the development of a solid follow-through plan, the 2-Day Couples Intensive helps couples regain faith in their relationship. This is not a group program. There is no common template for these two days. The entire weekend is designed specifically for your relationship, for just the two of you. It is an exclusive opportunity for you and your partner to meet one-on-one with a therapist over the weekend.

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The goal of these two days is for you to begin to establish an open line of communication gaining a deeper understanding about the conflict that occurs between you. With this understanding of what pulls you into a negative cycle you establish emotional safety, finding solutions through a common ground. With the two of you working together the weekend creates an experience where you feel positive and a belief that you are beginning your journey to the most closely connected relationship you could possibly imagine..


If you feel on the brink of desperation in your relationship, Two Days Couples Intensive Therapy may be the perfect solution for you to renew your faith in your partnership. Call today at (480) 993-1922, email, or text (480) 278-9989 to find out more about how this program can help you, or click the link below to schedule.

This could very well be the positive and promising step you need to take to begin your journey to the most closely connected relationship you could possibly imagine.

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