25 05, 2017

Fun Things for Couples To Do in the Summer

Welcome to Episode 112 of The Couples Expert! Summer is upon us and this week’s podcast is about making this summer a great time for couples to enjoy together. Stuart has a lot of serious topics that he brings each week, and this week he’s going to lighten things up. Get ready for some [...]

18 05, 2017

The Importance of Renewing Your Vows

Welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast. This is episode 111 of our show. Thank you so much for joining the podcast today. Stuart is going to be talking about a goal he sets for couples in his Couples Expert office practice which is the renewing of their vows or a recommitment ceremony. Stuart is [...]

11 05, 2017

How to Appreciate the Women in Your Life on Mother’s Day

Welcome to our Mother’s Day Podcast! This is Episode 110 of The Couples Expert Podcast. We’re so happy you’ve joined us for this special edition of The Couples Expert. Stuart is here to discuss how to appreciate not only your Mom this Mother’s Day, but all the special women in your life. Listen as Stuart [...]

5 05, 2017

Infidelity and Your Relationship with Guest Jim Thomas

Welcome to Episode 109 of The Couples Expert Podcast! Thank you for listening. Stuart’s guest expert this week is Jim Thomas. Jim has guest hosted the podcast before. As a matter of fact, he might be the most frequent guest host we’ve had on the show. He’s certainly one of the most engaging and [...]